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Coffee Farm

Peru (12oz)

Farm: El Romerillo, El Nogal, Finca El Cedro


Process: Washed


Tasting Notes: Cocoa Powder, Grape, Nectarine, Floral


Farm Notes: Nestled in the picturesque La Coipa, San Ignacio, Cajamarca region of Peru are three farms working together to produce high quality Organic certified coffees. The producers—Angela Jaramillo of El Romerillo, Aracely Reyes Guerrero of El Nogal, and Rudy Herrera Alberca of Finca El Cedro—share a deep-rooted commitment to thoughtful coffee production and care for their natural environment. Situated at elevations ranging 1600–1800 meters above sea level, the farms benefit from the unique topography of the area, creating a microclimate and terroir captured expertly in the coffees they produce.

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